The future of this blog and website

From what I’ve read in books about Asperger’s Syndrome and girls, it appears that there is a measurable difference between boy and girl geeks. Boy geeks tend to focus mostly on numbers. Girl geeks apparently divide their focus between numbers and language.

That describes me pretty well even today, when I’m trying to divide my time between keeping up with theoretical physics, expanding my website, working on this blog, and writing a novel.

It takes a lot of time to write a novel. So periodically I have to just forget that physics exists and enter the brain state necessary for writing fiction.

This blog is still in what I would consider a rough draft. I’m still going to experiment with themes and styles and features. I might move the location as well, so the url could change.

In the future, there will be more physics and math. I intend to blog through The Black Hole Wars chapter by chapter, starting in a few weeks.

I’ve migrated the website to a new server and fixed many of the broken links and features. Eventually I intend to update the page code and the content and add new content on loop quantum gravity and so on.

I’ll be taking a fairly demanding fiction writing workshop over the summer, so the website update will probably not be happening until next fall.

8 Responses to “The future of this blog and website”

  1. Sanctient says:

    Are you a scientist at Cern?

  2. Sanctient says:

    My name is _anomaly. I have been keeping an eye on the research at CERN lately. I find your research fascinating, not because of the science, but because you are researching something that a small minority of people know a great deal about.

    I guess we can talk more about it later, perhaps in chat if you are interested.

  3. Sanctient says:

    Let us picture a standard computer. We have the operating system, the programs, etc…

    Let’s pretend the computer is well advanced, and the programs have been set to learn about their environment. Though the computer may try, it can only research the world and interpret the world it was built upon. Everything else is speculation.

    In this case, you who have taken a humanistic approach, are the programs. Try as you may, you can research the world as much as you want, but everything else is speculation.

    However, we are forgetting about programs that browse the web. Aww, yes, Fire Fox and Internet Explorer. They can not only see the web and explore it, they can bring something back from it.

    In this case, we are these programs. We knew about what you were researching far before the concept even came to Newton. When he created this plane of existence, he gave us a manual for living in this world. Most scientist of this era have dismissed this manual and various teachings that have sprung from it but the underlying wisdom remains.

    I will share this manual with you at a later date. Until then, I hope this statement was enogh to interest you in holding a conversation. You can reach me at

    I will tell you things about String Theory that you have not even begun to explore yet.

  4. Patricia says:

    No, I’m not at CERN, sorry.

  5. Patricia says:

    I will share this manual with you at a later date. Until then, I hope this statement was enogh to interest you in holding a conversation. You can reach me at

    I will tell you things about String Theory that you have not even begun to explore yet.

    I don’t think so. I think this is off topic for my blog. Sorry.

  6. sholarpk says:

    Not easy to find where to respond to you about the entire web site. Suggestion: Please consider adding publication (or revision) date information for each page on your web site; it would provide some additional context for understanding the content on your pages. For instance, on your page for “String People” about Ed Witten, you refer to him “currently” being at Caltech. Without knowing when you created that page’s text, I can’t tell when in real time he is/was at Caltech, so the statement is not informative. Regards, sholarpk

  7. durakill says:


    Pardon me if I am wasting your time.

    I have no university qualifications, so it is entirely likely that I don’t know what I am talking about.

    Many years ago, I came up with an idea which seems to bear some similarity to string theory although I don’t understand the maths at all.

    Put simply, it occurred to me that you can get something from nothing (at least as far as it appears to us) if you assume that something vibrating/moving fast takes on the appearance of something far more solid. A bit like when you put your hand into a fast moving aeroplane propeller.

    Any way, consider the boundary condition where an infinitely small “mass” is “vibrating” at an infinitely high frequency.

    To all intents and purposes, our ‘nothing” becomes “something”.

    Go a little further, and think about time in a slightly different way, and the “matter” generates the “time” that we perceive. Things like “twin’ particles that change state when only one is “tweaked” are really the one “particle” seen at different “times”.

    You don’t need a “Big bang” or any sort of bang. (I forgot to mention the whole thing started quite by accident a la chaos theory).

    So there you have it. Time before matter becomes irrelevant. There wasn’t any. Matter doesn’t really “exist” in a material sense – a bit like atoms aren’t really “solid” (as I understand it).

    Sorry to bother you, but it tickles me to think that existence arose from non existence quite literally.


  8. You can read more about theory of relativity on my website.