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Einstein for Beginners Einstein for Beginners by Joseph Schwartz, Michael McGuinness (Contributor)
. One of the first in the series of For Beginners documentary comic books, Einstein for Beginners still holds up as a perfect introduction to the life and work of Albert Einstein. It has been said that only a small percentage of people really understand Einstein's theories, but this book goes a long way towards making them accessible to everyone. Buy this book

The River of Time by Igor D. Novikov
. The nature of time has long fascinated physicists and lay people alike. Time cannot be slowed or accelerated, undone or turned back. In this marvelous text, Igor Novikov details the development of our views on time, from classical Greece to the modern day--and also how recent discoveries indicate that time machine travel might be possible. Accessible to all, the engaging style and wonderful illustrations make the book enjoyable to read. Buy this book

Time: A Traveler's Guide Time: A Traveler's Guide by Clifford A. Pickover
. Science writer Pickover uses an alien philosopher Mr. Veil, an assistant at the Museum of Music, to explain to concept of time travel in terms of modern relativity. In order to travel backward in time to enjoy the piano playing of Chopin (whose music functions as a leitmotif here), you must instruct Veil in the nature of time and space, particularly Einstein's Relativity Theory. Includes philosophy and computer programs. Buy this book

Relativity Visualized by Lewis Carroll Epstein
. A very popular book that explains the theory of relativity in geometric terms like perspective in a four-dimensional painting. Using only a very small number of simple equations. Buy this book

An Equation That Changed the World Understanding Relativity: A Simplified Approach to Einstein's Theories by Leo Sartori
. Nonspecialists with no prior knowledge of physics and only reasonable proficiency with algebra can now understand Einstein's special theory of relativity. Effectively diagrammed and with an emphasis on logical structure, Leo Sartori's rigorous but simple presentation will guide interested readers through concepts of relative time and relative space. Buy this book

An Equation That Changed the World: Newton, Einstein and the Theory of Relativity by Harald Fritzsch, Karin Heusch (Translator)
. So Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and a present-day physicist meet in a pub one night. Inevitably the conversation shifts from the weather to physics, in particular the equation that is challenged in popularity only by Pythagoras' classic. Fortunately they realize that the other patrons listening in have no background in science, and keep the language polite. Fritzsch (theoretical physics, U. of Munich and the Max Planck Institute) patterns his conversation after Galileo's Dialogue on the Two Chief World Systems, and includes a glossary and index. Buy this book

Spacetime Physics: Introduction to Special Relativity by Edwin F. Taylor, John Archibald Wheeler, Archibald Wheeler (Contributor)
. This book is suitable for using as a textbook for an introductory course in special relativity. Contains lots of exercises for students and self-learners. Wheeler is an imaginative and dramatic writer even when delivering pedagogy. Buy this book

The Lighter Side of Gravity The Lighter Side of Gravity by Jayant V. Narlikar
. Gravity is the most enigmatic of all the known basic forces in nature. This book presents a beautifully clear and completely nontechnical introduction to the phenomemon of this force in all its manifestations. Using familiar analogies, interesting anecdotes, and numerous illustrations to get across the subtle effects and difficult points to readers, astrophysicist Narlikar describes the general theory of relativity and some of its strange and unfamiliar ideas. Buy this book

General Relativity from a to B by Robert Geroch
. General relativity is a math-driven subject but theoretical physicist and relativity expert Geroch has found a way to explain the theory using only high school algebra and geometry while maintaining th deep conceptual continuity and complexity that is so compelling about the fully mathematical theory. Buy this book
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