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Hyperspace Schrodinger's Kittens and the Search for Reality by John Gribbin, Mark Chimsky (Editor)
. Astrophysicist John Gribbin first introduced the general public to the world of quantum physics in 1984 with his book In Search of Schrödinger's Cat. A dizzying, counterintuitive domain, the quantum world is so strange that Richard Feynman, the greatest physicist of his time, admitted, "nobody understands quantum physics." Science has not stood still in the years since In Search of Schrödinger's Cat was written, and in this new book, Gribbin brings us up to speed on the latest developments. Buy this book

Scrooge's Cryptic Carol: Visions of Energy, Time, and Quantum Nature by Robert Gilmore
. Physicist Robert Gilmore, author of the popular Alice in Quantumland and presents a delightful takeoff on Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, where the three visitations represent Science Past, Science Present, and Science Future. For everyone who wants a playful, painless, yet surprisingly sophisticated introduction to the ideas of modern physics, this is a brilliant tour de force and a charming read. Buy this book

Hyperspace Alice in Quantumland: An Allegory of Quantum Physics by Robert Gilmore
. Follow the adventures of Alice in Quantumland--a whole new Wonderland smaller than an atom--where Alice's strange encounters explore and explain complicated components of quantum theory, including the Uncertainty Principle, wave functions, the Pauli Principle, and much more. Buy this book

Essential Quantum Physics by Peter Landshoff, Allen Metherell (Contributor), Gareth Rees (Contributor)
. A first course on quantum mechanics describing simple applications to physical phenomena that are of immediate and everyday interest such as transistors, lasers, molecular binding, and new to this edition, magnetic resonance imaging and alpha decay. Buy this book

Hyperspace The Ghost in the Atom: A Discussion of the Mysteries of Quantum Physics by J.R. Brown (Editor), P. C. Davies (Editor), J. Broown (Editor)
. Nine distinguished physicists consider the conceptual foundations of quantum physics--its paradoxes as well as its profound implications for the theory of nature--within a text based on a BBC radio documentary broadcast. Buy this book

Quantum Mechanics by L. D. Landau
. This is the quantum mechanics volume of the famous Course in Theoretical Physics written by legendary Soviet physicist Lev Landau. This book treats nonrelativistic quantum mechanics in depth and breadth. Suitable for advanced undergraduate in physics. Buy this book

Statistical Physics Part I by L. D. Landau, M. J. Kearsley (Translator), E. M. Lifshitz
. Another fine volume in Landau's Course in Theoretical Physics, this book covers quantum and classical statistics and thermodymanics with depth and rigor. Buy this book

Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics by J. E. House
. This calculus-based book is written for the beginner at quantum mechnics. In easy-to-understand terminology, the reader is taken from the early developments in physics that led to quantum mechanics through topics that are essential to understanding modern chemistry and physics. The book is designed for self-study and provides fully-developed mathematical details. It stresses the applications of the harmonic oscillator, rigid rotor, barrier penetration, and hydrogen atom models. Topics dealing with chemical bonding, symmetry, and molecular orbitals provide the background necessary for the study of quantum mechanics at a more advanced level Buy this book
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