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A Drop of Water A Drop of Water: A Book of Science and Wonder by Walter Wick
. This book is for ages 4-8. Evaporation, condensation, cloud formation and other water phenomena are beautifully photographed and explained for children, ending with a list of simple experiments. This book could stand on its own as a beautiful collection of incredible photographs of water and everything it can do or be. Buy this book

The Oxford Children's Book of Science by Charles Taylor, Stephen Pople (Contributor)
. For ages 9-12. The world of science can seem difficult and overwhelming to children (and adults, too!), but this excellent book from Oxford University Press is a great start for budding scientists. The attractive, dynamic volume is divided into 22 thematic areas, including the forces of nature, gravity, cells and biology, sounds and music, heat, energy, and machines.. Buy this book

One Grain of Rice One Grain of Rice: A Mathematical Folktale by Demi (Illustrator)
. In this book for ages 4-8, a young girl named Rani must face a powerful raja who has taken all the rice from her village. The clever Rani uses a mathematical trick to get the rice back and teach the greedy raja a lesson. Buy this book

The DK Science Encyclopedia by Inc Staff Dorling-Kindersly Publish
. For ages 9-12. At 448 pages, it looks like a book I would have liked as a child. Not only does it have fascinating facts on everything from atoms to zephyrs, it also shows how scientists work--describing, measuring, and asking questions about the world. Filled with detailed, sharp illustrations and eye-catching photographs, this book could keep a curious kid (or adult!) occupied for weeks. Buy this book

The Joy of Pi The Joy of Pi by David Blatner
. No number has captured the attention and imagination of number fanatics and nerds throughout the ages as much as Pi--the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. This book for Young Adults addresses almost every aspect if Pi you could imagine. Buy this book

How Do You Know It's True? Discovering the Difference Between Science and Superstition by Hyman Ruchlis
. Discusses the difference between science and superstition, the basic nature of science as a way of thinking, and the ways in which amazing events can be explained rationally. Regarded as a great book introducing critical thinking to Young Adults. Buy this book

The Children's Space Atlas: A Voyage of Discovery for Young Astronauts by Robin Kerrod
. An introduction to the theories of cosmology also traces the history of space travel and exploration with descriptions of what scientists have learned from the missions of Voyager, Explorer, and the Hubble telescope. Buy this book

How the Universe Works How the Universe Works by Heather Couper, Nigel Henbest (Contributor)
. For ages 9-12. This isn't just an astronomy or cosmology book, each section comes with an activity and pictures of the needed supplies. Photos and artwork of stars, galaxies, telescopes, spacecraft and astronomer. The activities range in difficulty from taking a core sample of an ice-cream bar with a drinking straw to building a model of the Galileo space probe. Buy this book

I Hate Mathematics! Book by Marilyn Burns, Martha Weston (Illustrator)
. This book for ages 9-12 was published over twenty years ago but it's an enduring classic. It teaches math through games, puzzles, experiments even tricks kids can play on their parents, such as the Dishwashing Trick. Good for kids who don't normally like math. Buy this book

Barron's Science Wizardry for Kids: Authentic, Safe Scientific Experiments Kids Can Perform! by Phyllis S. Williams (Contributor), Tim Robinson (Illustrator), Margaret E. Kenda
. For ages 9-12. Features more than two hundred safe and informative experiments that demonstrate fundamental concepts of physics and chemistry, accompanied by a portable indoor/outdoor lighted microscope and holster set Buy this book
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