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Introduction to Elementary Particles by David Griffiths
. This is the first quantitative treatment of elementary particle theory that is accessible to undergraduates. Using a lively, informal writing style, the author strikes a balance between quantitative rigor and intuitive understanding. The first chapter provides a detailed historical introduction to the subject. Subsequent chapters offer a consistent and modern presentation, covering the quark model, Feynman diagrams, quantum electrodynamics, and gauge theories. A clear introduction to the Feynman rules, using a simple model, helps readers learn the calculational techniques without the complications of spin. And an accessible treatment of QED shows how to evaluate tree-level diagrams. Buy this book

An Introduction to the Standard Model of Particle Physics by W. M. Cottingham, D. A. Greenwood, W. N. Cottingham
. This introductory graduate textbook provides a concise but accessible introduction to the theory central to particle physics--the so-called Standard Model. Chapters developing the theory are interspersed with chapters describing some of the wealth of experimental data. The book assumes only standard mathematics acquired from undergraduate physics; more sophisticated mathematical ideas are developed in the text and in appendices. Buy this book

Introduction to High Energy Physics by Donald H. Perkins
. The 4th edition of a textbook that has dominated advanced undergraduate and graduate particle physics teaching for the last 25 years. The author is a senior figure of modern day particle physics and brings a unique authority and depth of understanding to the subject. The new edition has been extensively rewritten and completely updated. Completely new chapters have been added to cover the burgeoning field connecting particle physics with cosmology, and another new chapter introduces exciting new topics such as supersymmetry, superstrings, neutrino masses and grand unified theories Buy this book

Quarks and Leptons : An Introductory Course in Modern Particle Physics by Francis Halzen, Alan D. Martin (Contributor)
. This self-contained textbook in computing high energy scattering amplitudes describes particle physics computations for graduate students with little or no exposure to quantum field theory. It provides students of theoretical or experimental physics with the mathematical tools for engaging in the study of high energy particle physics. It's an easier book than Quigg's below but covers similar material. Buy this book

Gauge Theory of Elementary Particle Physics by Ta-Pei Cheng, Ling-Fong Li (Contributor)
. This comprehensive book graduate text in particle physics is on the theoretical side but has plenty of good detail about amplitude calculations. Topics covered include electroweak guage theory, monopoles, instantons, chiral symmetry and partons. The author is releasing a companion volume with problems and solutions, available by the end of this year. Buy this book

Gauge Theories of the Strong, Weak, and Electromagnetic Interactions by Chris Quigg
. This book is suitable for someone who already understands the basics of quantum field theory or relativistic quantum mechanics and wants to learn how to perform complex calculations in high energy particle physics, in all of their gory detail. It also makes a good reference with very helpful appendices on Feynman rules, phase space formulas, and regularization procedures. Buy this book
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