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A dedication to human rights

    The Internet has brought incredible gifts of self-expression to many people in the world, but as we celebrate and defend online freedom, we should remember that this is a very special condition of our circumstances. Not everyone in the world enjoys the freedom we are sharing right now. Many people in the world have to endure the indignity of forced silence, the fear of violence, the dread of arrest, the despair of imprisonment, the pain of torture, or the destruction of their natural environment.
    Will history record the Internet revolution as the beginning of a new age of human freedom and human rights, or as the beginning of an irreversible global inequality in access to information and discourse? The choices we make now will determine the answer.

Physicist Andrei Sakharov, 1921-1989
rights activist
Andrei Sakharov
Committee to Protect Journalists
Americans for Peace Now
Human rights in Afghanistan
B'Tselem - Human Rights in the Occupied Territories
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Amnesty International
Human Rights Watch
Tienanmen Mothers Campaign
Cuba: Systematic Repression of Dissent
Stop Prison Rape
Stop Family Violence
International Justice Mission
Radio Liberty
Free B92
November Coalition
Human Rights Watch - Race and the War on Drugs
Human Rights in America
Human Rights in Colombia
Human Rights in China
The Andrei Sakharov Foundation
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
Survivors International
Committee of Concerned Scientists
Human Rights in Yahoo!
Mining Co. Human Rights
The Child Trauma Academy
The CIVITAS Initiative

Human rights
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