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Recent studies have revealed that most Americans, if asked to draw a picture of a scientist, would come up with a figure looking something like Albert Einstein.
While Einstein was indeed a remarkable individual and gave birth to theories that lie at the foundation of modern physics, science in general and physics in particular rely on the strength of an entire community of critical partners in slicing and dicing through speculation and and fantasy to get to the part where we start effectively describing Nature.
String theory has a large, vibrant and diverse international community at work generating, refining and testing ideas. In this section we interview some random members of the string community. (Not one of whom bears the slightest physical resemblance to Einstein.)

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Who looks like a physicist?
The only physicist who looked like Einstein was Einstein; the rest of us look quite different!

Listen to interviews with:

John Schwarz
Sir Michael Atiyah
Ed Witten
Jim Gates
Eva Silverstein
Juan Maldacena
Brian Greene

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John Schwarz // Ed Witten // Eva Silverstein // Juan Maldacena // Jim Gates // Sir Michael Atiyah // Brian Greene

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