Quiz 2: String Theory and Experiment

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Question 1: Which elementary particle predicted by the Standard Model hasn't been observed yet?
The top quark
The graviton
The Higgs boson

Question 2: How many different kinds of neutrinos have been observed by particle physicists?

Question 3: What is currently the best hope for testing the predictions of string theory?
Building a particle accelerator that can measure the length scale of quantum gravity
Making detailed observations of distant galaxies with the Hubble Space Telescope
Using existing and planned particle accelerators find evidence for supersymmetry over the next ten years

Question 4: If supersymmetry does exist, then what should particle physicists eventually find in particle scattering experiments?
The Higgs boson
A boson superpartner for each known fermion
A boson superpartner for each known fermion, and a fermion superpartner for each known boson