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Supersymmetry to the rescue?
. Even though the natural length scale of string theory is much much much much too small to be measured directly in particle experiments, there are aspects of string theory that might be measurable with today's technology or with technology of the near future.
. One of the predictions of string theory is that at higher energy scales we should start to see evidence of a symmetry that gives every particle that transmits a force (a boson) a partner particle that makes up matter ( a fermion), and vice versa.
. This symmetry between forces and matter is called supersymmetry. The partner particles are called superpartners.

Known particles that transmit forces, and their possible superpartners

Name Spin Superpartner Spin
Graviton 2 Gravitino 3/2
Photon 1 Photino 1/2
Gluon 1 Gluino 1/2
W+,- 1 Wino+,- 1/2
Z0 1 Zino 1/2
Higgs 0 Higgsino 1/2

Known particles that make up matter, and their possible superpartners

Name Spin Superpartner Spin
Electron 1/2 Selectron 0
Muon 1/2 Smuon 0
Tau 1/2 Stau 0
Neutrino 1/2 Sneutrino 0
Quark 1/2 Squark 0

. In current particle experiments we can't yet see any direct evidence for the existence of superpartners for known elementary particles (there is some indirect evidence, however). There is a good chance we could start to see superpartners in future particle experiments. If that happened, it could turn out to be evidence for string theory. This could take place in the next five or ten years, so come back to this web site for further news.
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