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Black Holes
How old is the Universe?
a distant galaxy Isaac Newton made a Bible-based estimate of a few thousand years. Einstein believed in a steady state, ageless Universe. Since then, data collected from the Universe puts the probable answer somewhere in the middle.
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A trip through the Big Bang
The Einstein equation predicts several possible ways for the Universe to evolve in time and space. What are these models and how do they compare with observation? basic / advanced

What came before the Big Bang?
Take a tour through the chain of physical events that cosmologists believe occurred while the expanding Universe we observe today was very small and very young.
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a distant galaxy

Where does string theory fit in?
There's a lot of compelling evidence for the Big Bang, but what preceded it? The most accepted model is called Inflation, but it's not the kind of inflation that Alan Greenspan need fear.
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Where does string theory fit in?
What happens when the early universe is gummed up with string? And are any of these scenarios testable in the near future?
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How old is the Universe? // Structure of the Universe // The Big Bang // Before the Big Bang? // What about string theory?

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