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Some basic books for further reading.

Some advanced books for further reading.

What is theoretical physics?
It all started when Isaac Newton invented calculus to describe the motions of falling objects and orbiting planets... basic / advanced
The story so far... particles and relativity
Here are the past successes of theoretical physics, from electromagnetism to particle physics and general relativity... basic / advanced
How do strings enter the picture?
Why is it that the theory that works for describing gravity is so poorly compatible with the theory that works for describing elementary particles?
/ advanced
So what is string theory, then?
So what is string theory made of? How does a string theory differ from a particle theory? Get the scoop here! basic / advanced
How many string theories are there?
Let us count the ways... basic / advanced
How are string theories related?
What is the meaning of duality and what does this tell us about the relationships between string theories? basic / advanced
Is there a more fundamental theory?
If different string theories are related, then maybe they represent different limits of a bigger, more fundamental theory... basic / advanced

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Black Holes

What is theoretical physics? // Particles and relativity // Why strings? // What is string theory? // How many are there?
How are string theories related? // Is there a more fundamental theory?

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