Quiz 1: String Theory Basics

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Question 1: What did Newton need calculus for?
For describing the motion of moving objects such as planets and cannonballs
For building the great cathedrals of Europe
For calculating the age of the Earth

Question 2: How many fermions can be in the same quantum state at the same time?
An infinite number

Question 3: Which statement below reflects the relationship between particle physics and general relativity?
Particle physics is good for describing Nature but general relativity is on shaky ground.
General relativity is good for describing Nature but particle physics is on shaky ground.
Each theory works well separately, but they don't work well together.

Question 4: In string theory, the relationship between strings and elementary particles is like:
the relationship between a drum head and beats on the drum.
the relationship between a guitar string and notes played on the guitar string.
the relationship between Xena, Warrior Princess, and her sidekick Gabrielle.