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. Hi, my name is Patricia Schwarz, and I am the Creatrix of this web site. Yes, I actually did the animations and the sound and the writing - just one person did everything on this site. Well, except for a few photos I procured elsewhere, and of course the field of string theory itself, which was produced by a community of physicists stretching across several generations.
. My education: I started with a BA in physics from San Francisco State (hooray for SFSU!), where I majored in mechanical engineering but graduated in physics after finding out that the employment opportunities for black hole engineers were slim even in academia. Many years later I received my PhD in physics from Caltech, where my advisor was Professor Renata Kallosh. (Here's my thesis, in a zipped Postscript file. In order to read this file you need to have Ghostscript and GSView on your system.)
. Why did I start this web site? First of all, I had the enormous luck to watch the Web being born. My very first web site on relativity, Theoretical Physics Fun, was listed on Yahoo! back when they were still at Stanford.
. It's a lot of fun to explore a new medium, but even more exciting when the medium is evolving, because the newness is replenished by continual innovation.

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